Microsoft Shutting Down MSN Messenger After 15 Years Of Service

by SARA FISHER on 30th August 2014

A month earlier, Microsoft took a bold move announcing that users have to move away from the old version of internet explorer to the new version 11. And now not long after that, Microsoft announced that they are shutting down the 15 year old MSN Messenger. Most people have moved away from the service to Facebook and other mobile based messenger such as Whatsapp and so MSN is left with few users. But still, ending a 15 year messaging service like the MSN Messenger means something to the one's who grew up using it.

So what about the users who are still in it? Well, Microsoft is encouraging it's users to move to Skype. Users on MSN Messenger will have to shift to Skype within October 31. MSN users that move to Skype will also receive free credit. After it's announcement, many twitter users have tweeted their MSN Messenger moments.

MSN Messenger was launched back in 1999 and 2014 marks it's end. RIP MSN Messenger (1999-2014).