No passwords, cross-platform emails & a new design

On its 18th birthday this month, Yahoo Mail finally received a long-sought redesign. And a great new feature, as described in tumblr. Along with a sleek new design, the app has a new feature called "Yahoo Account Key" which allows a direct log-in via push notification. So, no passwords. What it does essentially, is connect your phone with your Yahoo account and during each login prompts a push notification asking for permission. 

Another new feature is the ability that allows adding multiple email addresses from different email services, a feature that has existed long before in Gmail and iOS Mailing App. So Yahoo is finally catching up.

The new design looks nice. And they've made slight differences in their app for different platforms. The Android app features a more materialistic design while the iOS app conforms to iOS design patterns.

But will any of it be enough to save Yahoo?