There has been a heated debate going on for the past couple of months about encryption. Basically, it's a complicated security issue; but one that cannot simply be resolved by written laws. 

For those in the unknown, recently Apple has been fighting a case against FBI on the matter of allowing security officials to have special access to people's phone on demand. Basically, what the FBI wants is to have access to your phone when needed, assuming that like most people, you keep your phone locked. But Apple has refused to comply stating that it would weaken security and breach user privacy. 

Now, getting to the point, should the FBI be allowed to hack into people's phones whenever they feel necessary? 

According to the law, they have the jurisdiction to have access to people's banks, houses, vaults etc. with warrants. 

But phones are a different case. And what they're basically asking is for Apple to create a special software for them so that they can hack iPhones whenever they feel necessary. They're stating that this will help them crack on terrorist communication. 

Undoubtedly, terrorists can just use other encrypted software or messaging system to bypass this security loophole; thus, making the security patch redundant. However, it will weaken security for all Apple users around the globe. 

So, what the FBI is asking may be within the jurisdiction or so they think, it is not actually a feasible idea, let alone being effective. If you're still confused about the issue, watch this segment by John Oliver explaining the whole situation.

Simply put, it's an ineffective idea, be it within the jurisdiction of government or not. So why bother about it? Sure, there are disadvantages to providing so much security to potential criminals, but as we know; privacy in modern age has it's price. 

What do you think?