How far have we reached with video games? And how far can we go? The expectations are high and the possibilities are higher. Not long ago, we were playing 2D games; today, we have games that have an infinite computer generated universe that you can play forever. 

Introducing No Man's Sky, every video game explorer's dream come true. Set to be released in June this year, the game promises an infinite universe that will require a mere 5 billion years for anyone to fully explore. 

It is basically an exploration game, where you can explore any corner of the universe (note: not just galaxy). Each planet you visit will have unique characteristics and climate. And there are quadrillions of planets, promises the developers. 

All the planets you see, the creatures in them & everything in between is computer generated, which is how everything you interact with is unique. Although, it is true that they're not absolutely unique since they are being generated from a wide set of possibilities, but still impressive nonetheless.

So, it brings me to my topic, how far have we come with gaming? Well, to be honest, quite far I'd say. If this game lives up to its expectation, then we can certainly say that we've reached a new level in computer gaming. It's really not just the fancy graphics, but also the artificial intelligence being used in modern video games. Don't mind me using the term artificial intelligence so boldly here, just trying to explain the idea.

And how far are we projected to go? The future looks exciting. With newer technologies, entertainment via technology is reaching new heights. And I'm not just talking about AI in video games, I'm talking about VR headsets & Augmented reality. Already developers and consumers are looking forward to more-reality based video games on the newer platforms being developed.

Combine everything, the future looks better than ever, at least in this case. With video games like No Man's Sky taking video games to a whole new level, and newer platforms that offer more interactivity, the future of gaming looks brighter than ever.

I do realize that post hasn't really been about No Man's Sky or the future of gaming; actually, a mashup of both. But with all the buzz going on about Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, I got myself thinking the other day on the progress we're making & how far we are going. 

I remember getting excited seeing large explorable maps in video games and now, we finally have an infinite map with infinite possibilities. And I use the word infinite loosely here, since a trillion combinations is kind-of infinite for me.