See that grey t-shirt? Mark Zuckerberg wears that everyday to work. 

Do you know why? 

Well, let me explain the science behind why so many talented minds such as Mark Zuckerberg chooses to wear the same outfit everyday. Oh, and Steve Jobs had the same habit as well.

However, the reason why Mark Zuckerberg does it is because he wants to narrow down his decision making down to matters that only benefit the social community (read Facebook). Steve Jobs had a similar reason as well, and so does Barack Obama.

The key point here is that they don't want to spend their time deciding what to wear, because they have far more important decisions to make. 

But does it really help the cause? In my point of view, it depends on how much you actually take to dress up. It is true that every minute is crucial for them as they are really important people with the responsibility of making important decisions. But for us mere average people, it really does not make a huge difference. 

Although, if you really choose to live your life like that; then from that point of view, narrowing your clothing choices down can really help you focus on other more important things. For example, you don't have to worry about what to wear every morning, which will be a relief for you from the stress of choosing what to wear. 

But, then again, no average human lives that conservatively (not sure if that's the proper use of word). But, you get the point. For an average person, the choice of clothing won't be wasting so much time compared to what he normally would waste doing other unnecessary things. But for those like Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama, the practice may be justified. 

Also, another important fact is that not everyone would be comfortable wearing the same outfit everyday. Some have a diverse sense of fashion and style which they need to maintain. 

Would you be able to wear the same outfit everyday?