What is GMO?

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. By definition, GMO are organisms that have been genetically modified. That is, crops that are not naturally found that way, but modified so. But don't be afraid, read on to understand what GMO really is and if it is actually dangerous for you.

So, why do they genetically modify them?

Mostly, to increase production of crops. With the increasing population, we have an increasing demand for crops. Due to this, crops in developed nations are genetically modified to yield production by many times. Win-win, right? So, what's the downside?

Well, many argue that through genetic modification of crops, they are destroying the natural markup and thus, the modified crop is not safe for consumption. From an environmentalist point-of-view, many argue that GMO crops are bad for the environment due to the unnatural modification of the crop.

So, is GMO really bad?

Well, here's a stat; GMO supporters argue that people in USA have been consuming GMO foods for over 15 years without showing any signs of harm. But, Non-GMO supporters argue that, just because we haven't found any short-term harm, doesn't mean it's safe. In fact, most developed countries do have restrictions on GMO products. GMO products are usually labeled in over 60 countries worldwide (USA not included).

Most of Soybeans, Corns and many other crops in the USA are genetically altered. Moreover, many consumer products based on those crops are also affected by it, since the products rely on those GMO crops. Which is why, GMO is a big issue at the moment. 

It is not proven whether GMO harms humans, but it definitely harms the environment. While supporters argue that GMO requires less pesticides, it is true that GMO produces super weeds, which is harmful for the environment.

However, I don't want to get into the nifty details about this topic. But I've seen most people are unaware of GMO and many who do know, have the wrong idea. I'm not in favor of it nor against it. It is your choice to support or oppose. But I've only addressed the important facts and a basic explanation in this article.