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How many posts in LinkedIn, Twitter or any other business related social media begin and end with nothing more than plane statements about products, services or companies?. 

Wouldn’t be more reasonable to approach our audience in their language for their understanding?. Every day when we are trying to pick up interesting trends about new products or services in the different social media (mainly LinkedIn and Twitter), what we can see is that roughly 99% of these posts are not adding any value to us or our understanding. 

Does this fact mean that 99% of the content in these business sites is not meaningful? The answer is that for sure not and of course there’s tons of value in them. However what is pretty clear is that maybe a big majority of the audience to whom this kind of promotion is being addressed is not receiving properly the information. 

And this is explained because  

most of sales managers, directors, or any other sales role are promoting their businesses, are missing two simple principles of communication: WHY and HOW. 

If the audience is not able to state clearly and in basic language these couple of simple concepts is sure that many of the innumerable sales messages we are trying to communicate are being wasted in a universe of misunderstanding. 

The simpler the better 

It’s not a matter of being the best in what we are doing, or belonging to the top companies. Just bear in mind that we proudly say “I have sold this or that”, the reality differs far away from the statement. 

The most probable reality (99% of the cases) is that the CLIENT bought from you, bought your ideas, bought your way of presenting value and for sure the full package of integrity plus confidence you are offering. 

This means that we should be so proud of what we did, but we must know they trusted us and for this reason we have to keep working on making the relationship work towards mutual understanding and fluency. It’s always the client who buys, not the seller who sells. 

Then what is crystal clear is that no matter the media, via or way we are approaching our clients, what is really relevant is how good we are in putting ourselves in the shoes of the client to intelligently, emotionally and emphatically be capable of asking the right questions, listening well and guiding them while learning from them in the process to serve them fully and concretely. 

The best sales pitch is always given by the client. And the best seller is always taught by thousands of great buyers. 

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Ignacio Cristóbal Gallo Campos