Obviously, this has got to be the best song ever. And the lyrics are just, out of this world, literally.

2. When your wife is so mad

That she's ready to be a widow.

Hopefully that was just a mistake.

3. Is it too big?

Someone please tell him he's not special. 

4. Like, How else do you describe Techno songs, right?

Dun Dun Dun Dun, seems legit. 

5. When you're a druggie but want to be a good father

Please tell me LSD is some kind of weird baby food.

6. The man with super sperm

This is why we need sex education, or just common sense. 

7. Gay dog? 

"...never once has he tried humping me..." - why do you even want that?

8. Minimum Penis Size

Check out number 3 on this list, that's the answer.

9. Sue your dog?

Yes, but how do you explain, what do you say?

10. Do you want to be a pineapple? 

I think the answer in the photo sums up our reactions. 

Photos gathered from yahooanswerswtf.tumblr.com. Check it out, there's a lot more of these.