Idiots are everywhere. You're having a good day; no, in fact, you're having a great day! Suddenly, there's an idiot there to ruin your perfectly good day. So, what do you do? How do you deal with an idiot? Let me try to explain how.

See how chilled out that person is in the photo? That's how chilled out you should be when dealing with idiots.

Don't be an idiot

The first rule to deal with an idiot, is to not be one yourself. The definition of an idiot is simple. According to any dictionary, an idiot is a stupid person. But our real life definition might be more complex because we have to deal with many different kinds of idiots in our life. And when you try to fight with an idiot, you become one. So, don't try to fight them. Simply ignore them. 

They want to argue about something they have no idea about? Don't give a sh*t. Just ignore. 

Don't call him an idiot

So you met an idiot and you want to call him out? Don't. It will only fuel their idiotic motives. Follow advice no. 1. Just ignore the fool.

Now there are two situations where you might have to interact with an idiot; virtual interaction and real interaction. Let's see what you can do in each cases.

Virtual Interaction

Say it's an ignorant idiot on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media; instead of responding to your ego, just block that idiot. You'll be inclined to fight with him/her, trying to prove their point wrong, but that won't help you at all. Why? Because their idiots, that's why.

So just put down your ego and stop wasting your time trying to be an online negotiator. Block that idiot and move on with your life. 

Real-life Interaction

So, what if this idiot we're talking about is in a real-life situation? How do you block a person you know in real life? 

Well, understand the situation you are in. There are some people you cannot ignore in real life scenarios. So, the best way to deal with them is to agree to disagree. Understand what they're getting wrong and what their confusion is, but if that doesn't work, then stop wasting your time arguing with them and simply agree to disagree. Put a smile and move on. 

Be the better person

Don't you hate it when some idiot is ignorant and lacks humility? Well, if you realize that, then try to be the better person. Don't drag yourself down to his/her level of idiocy. Tell yourself that you're the better person, show compassion and move on. There's a really nice quote that I always keep in mind,

Don't let an idiot ruin your day.

And that's it. That's how you deal with an idiot.