It's a big debate whether video games are good or bad for you, and surely your parents might have weighed in with the bad effects of video games and how "video games are making you blind.." and whatsoever. But here are 3 legit reasons why video games are actually good for you! 

And yes, other than the fact that video games provide entertainment, the good sides of video games does really outweigh the marginal bad effects anti-game people claim to be true.

Here are 3 solid reasons why video games are good for you.

1. It improves cognitive ability

With all the fast movements and decision making on the screen, you have to make quick choices. This helps improve your cognitive ability. 

So, by playing video games for a healthy amount of time, you're keeping your brain active during that session and through playing those fast movement video games, you are actually improving your cognitive ability. Think of it as a visual training for your brain. 

Did you know a lot of virtual surgeons are now required to perform virtual surgeries for training? This means it's good, right? Right.

2. Improves problem solving ability

Video games these days are mostly about problem solving, which is a good thing. Because, through problem solving in video games (which are often really complex in nature) can help improve your problem solving skills.

And based on what type of problem you're solving and what type of video games you're playing, you can improve many different areas in problem solving.

Especially if you're playing strategy based games, it can help you even more. 

3. Use of memory

We know that getting better at remembering things require more and more use of our memory. The more you train your memory, the better you'll get. And video games do just that.

Video games require you to remember instructions, maps, characters, objectives and many other things. This helps boost your memory capacity. You're having to constantly store new related information and discard irrelevant ones when you're playing. This helps in improving your memory.

So, we're seen the good sides of gaming. There are more, but these are the 3 most significant ones in my opinion. And let me bust a myth here which I'm sure your parents have told you, that playing video games reduces your eyesight. This is simply not true. There are been some studies where this has been proven wrong. 

However, with all being said, the good effects outweigh the bad effects as long as you're playing video games at a moderate level, but playing extremely long hours of video games can have serious negative effects on your health. So, I suggest you do not do that. 

Anyway, now that you know some good effects of playing video games, happy gaming!