Nobody likes routines. Not me, not you, Nobody. Okay, maybe there are some people that do. But they are a few and far between. Having a strict routine makes life bland and uninteresting. It takes away the element of surprise and uncertainty from our life. It makes life boring. But despite all that, it's important to have some routine in your life. 

I'm not advocating for a strict everyday routine, but only in some cases such as waking up, going to bed, food habits etc. Having a fixed routine for certain healthy activities everyday is important to stay on your path to success. 

First, start by fixing a time to wake up and go to bed everyday. This way, you will have more control on your sleep cycle. So, for example, set two alarms everyday - one for the time you'll go to bed and one for the time you'll wake up. Most people only set alarms for waking up but setting an alarm for going to bed will help you get to bed on time everyday so that you get the adequate amount of sleep every night. 

So, your routine now may look like:

6:00 am - Wake up

11:00 am - Go to bed

Great! Now you are ensuring that you will be getting 7 hours of sleep every night. 

Another important thing to do, is to make sure you have a healthy eating habit. That includes eating breakfast every morning (many people don't), and also eating your meals on time every day. 

Other beneficial habits you can include in your routine are meditation, drinking water, yoga, exercising. 

Here's what a good healthy routine may look like for a person.

6:00 am - Wake up & drink a glass of water

6:30 am - Yoga/Meditation/Exercise

7:00 am - Breakfast

10:00 am - Brunch/Snacks 

12:30 pm - Lunch

7:30 pm - Dinner

11:00 pm - Go to bed

A routine as shown above will help you have more control over the important aspects of your everyday life, like eating, sleeping, exercising while not making your everyday routine too strict. 

Having a routine like that will ensure you're getting proper sleep everyday, eating proper meals and participating regularly in healthy activities such as yoga/exercise etc. 

Of course, sometimes your day won't go exactly as you planned and you will have to go off-routine, but for most days sticking to such a routine will be beneficiary. 

Successful people such as Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc. all have their own routines to have control over their ever busy life.