How many times have you tried to do something only to NOT do it due to fear of failure? More times than you realize. As humans, we have this fear of failure coded in our system. And this is why, many times when we try to do something, we cannot find the guts to do it, due to that fear of failing. So we get stuck and tell ourselves "Let's not do it, what if I fail?". 

But what if I told you that if you can just overcome that fear, you can achieve a lot more in your life. Imagine this scenario, you want to approach someone and make an offer. But you have an inherent fear of failing. So you think "What if that person turns me down? That would be so embarrassing". And with that thought, you just get stuck. 

Now, consider this, what are your chances if you don't approach that person? Zero! And, what are your chances if you do approach that person? More than zero! 

And there you have your stats, it's that simple. If you don't even try, your chances are zero. But if you do give it a shot, there are some chances of it working out. So why not give it a try? Why leave your chances at zero?

Of course, because of the fear of failure. Remove that fear! And you can achieve a lot more each day of our life, starting from small interactions to the big decisions. 

So, this is the one advice you need to remember. 

Don't get stuck!

That's right. Three simple words but solves a big issue. Don't get stuck, under any circumstances. Push forward and do what you want to do. Don't let your mind play tricks with you and subdue you into giving up. Break that mental barrier and get rid of that fear of failure.

Every time you feel the fear of failure, every time you feel like not doing something, remember this one phrase. Remember that your chances are zero if you get stuck and your only chance of success is if you at least give it a try. So, don't get stuck!