Let's put it simply. 

More people, more connections.

That's it, honestly. It may seem like a chore to maintain relations with too many people, but at end, the connectivity will pay off. It's good to have more friends and acquaintances. But make sure you're shaking hands with the right people, not the ones that'll lead you astray. 

Networking is really important, both in case of your personal life and professional life. If you're in touch with the right people, it can make all the right differences in your life. And it's no secret that it's easier to succeed when you have good friends.

And successful people will also agree with me on this point. It's important you know the right people, so you'll know who to call when you need something. 

But here's the thing, don't be selfish. Give more than you take and try to give first. Maintain a legitimate relationship with people and don't fake it. Be honest. 

You can't make it all on your own. You'll need people in your life, and the right people. So, even if you are a loner and like to keep things to yourself and even if you thing you're better off all by yourself; trust me, you're not. 

Just see all the successful people out there. Almost all of them would agree on the importance of having the right connections. And you can read their stories too, and you'll see the pattern. 

So, trust me on this. Make more friends. Make good friends.