Commutes are a huge waste of time. Just think how much time you spend commuting everyday. Not many people are lucky enough to live close to their school, work or any other place they commute on a regular basis. So for most people, commutes are a huge waste of time. 

For example, if you commute for an hour or two everyday, what are you doing while you're getting to work, or school or any other place? Couldn't you be doing something better if you weren't wasting so much time commuting?

Well, there are ways you can make better use of that time, and none of those require an active internet connection so you won't have to worry about using data while roaming. 

These are 4 ways to make your commutes more productive. 

1. Pocket

If you don't have this app already, let me introduce you to the app that's going to help you actually read those articles you promised to read later. 

This app lets you save articles, images or any posts you find on the internet so that you can view it later. And what's amazing is, that the posts will be saved for offline viewing. 

So, if you come across a post and don't have the time to read it, then save it on pocket to read later, without having access to the internet.

So, while you're sitting in a bus riding home, or going to work or school, you can read those articles and posts you saved to read later.

2. Audiobooks

If you don't like reading, you can opt in for an audio alternative. Instead of listening to the radio while you're going somewhere, you can listen to an audiobook. And a lot of people do that these days. To save even more time, some people even play the audio in 2x - 3x the actual speed. 

But I'm not suggesting that really. Even if you listen you an audiobook in normal speed, you'll be finishing books and gathering knowledge faster than you think. And you'll be making good use of that time you'd otherwise waste.

3. E-Books/Paperback

This is an alternative to Pocket (#1). If you like reading, but more into books only, reading e-books on your phone is a great idea. Now, normally I know, a lot of people hate reading e-books, but if you are not in position to carry around your paperback, e-books are good alternatives. And it's always better than doing nothing good during your commute.

4. Podcasts

If you're not into books at all, and not even audiobooks, this is an option for you. You can download episodes of podcasts on your phone and listen to them later. And for many people, this is a really common practice.

These are some of the ways I make my commute more productive. 

Hey, I don't mind if you don't feel like doing any of these, but take these as suggestions. You don't have to be productive 24/7, I'm not forcing any lifestyle here. But, if you're like me and feel like you're wasting your precious time while going to work, you should try these ideas.