Most people have a skewed sense of success these days. It seems that only someone with a lot of money and accomplishment is considered successful these days. But what this does, is that it frustrates people making them think that their non-monetary aims and accomplishments are worthless. 

But here's the actual definition of success,

Success: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Basically, success is the accomplishment of a goal or an aim. And that aim could be anything, and it doesn't have to be monetary. Therefore, success is a highly subjective matter. 

Society has this one version of success that relates mostly to wealth. The wealthier you are, the more successful you'll be considered. But should success be measured by money or any other unit? Should a matter so subjective be measured by any scale at all?

Success to someone can be different than success to someone else. It doesn't have to be the same. It could be any aim. Your goals doesn't have to do anything with money. Whatever your ambitions are, accomplishing those ambitions make you successful, whether your ambitions are big or small.

The negative effect of having a skewed perception of success (that only related to money), affects those whose achievements are less about money and more about personal satisfaction. It makes them feel as  if they're not successful; as if they aren't doing enough or have enough. And more importantly, social media plays a strong role in spreading the wrong notion that everyone else is doing better than you. But of course, that is far from the reality. 

If anyone ever tells you that you're not successful, remember that success is subjective. And you are the only judge to determine whether you are successful or not.