How do CEOs of big companies manage their time? Do they have more than 24 hours a day? Maybe 36? or 48? No, they're just incredibly efficient at managing their time. And worry not, YOU too can achieve their level of productivity. 

And to help you out, here's a compilation of 5 (actually 7) of the best Infographics to boost your productivity in many different ways.

1. Morning & the night before

Let's start with the morning routine & what to do the night before to prepare for a super efficient morning ritual.

 The best way to kickstart your day is by having a productive and efficient morning routine. Because a good day usually starts with a good morning. 

2. Productive Diet

Do you know what you eat is a deciding factor on how productive you can be? Your diet affects your productivity. So you have to eat wisely, not only for better health, but also for more productivity. Because a healthier mind and body = a more productive mind and body.

Now you know what to eat and what to avoid. Maybe you already knew, but like millions of others, choose to ignore. But if you haven't noticed a trend, is that many highly successful people are crazy about their diet. Now you know why.

3. We all hate meetings

There may be people who like broccoli, but there's nobody who likes meetings. Seriously, that's one thing the global population can agree on. Right? Here's an infographic that details how you can have more productive meetings.

4. Workout

It's that one thing so many people promise to do as their new year's resolution, but never really do. Because well, working out isn't fun for most people. But it's really important for your health, and therefore, important for your productivity. Here's some interesting data to show you why.

This sort of echo our point of staying healthy to be productive. But it's not just a healthy diet that's important, but also regular workout.

5. Sleep 

Yes, sleep. Sleep is important for your productivity. Lack of proper sleep hampers your mental health and makes you unproductive. Here's a chart to help you sleep your way to success. 

In case you cannot get proper sleep every night, here's an infographic on effective napping.

Yes, we basically have an infographic for everything. 


Because we have so many great infographics to share.

That was a summarised list of things you can do for more productivity, which basically echos most of the points already discussed.