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It’s like being a wolf in a land of dinosaurs. So many big things happening, all of them so difficult to be changed. But where are those dragons and dinosaurs? And then, how do we feel today, in regards to everything around us? Berlin, Turkey, Rwanda, our closest environment. What about our values our mind-sets? 

Is it pain, fear, anger, uneasiness, indifference? What is it? And most importantly how do we really feel about it and what do we do about it? Let’s ask ourselves, what’s that thing I’d die for and I’d life for. Why Mondays can be great days

As Robbie Williams once more wisely sang and composed in his brilliant “Me and my monkey” song maybe we are all in the same battle field. It could have been titled me and my dragons (or monsters, too) 

Because, in the end it does not really matter what is happening out there. We can always make “our little difference” regardless the size of the outer world’s problems. There is always something to do to make our environment a better place. 

We the people have the power, all the way long. However, there is always a monster inside us saying why doing this? If no one cares, If I’m not getting anything in return, If I had tried before and I just got back people laughing at me, and so many other monsters coming up to get their part of our mind’s cake. And then we forget once again who we were

Why do we use just 10% of our brains? 

Most of the studies and researchers of our times are constantly repeating that we, the humans are not able to use more than that ridiculously percentage of our brains...Well then the question to myself, to you and to any reader is, have we ever tried to find an explanation for why that might happen? 

To me and a simple answer comes, which is: What if most of the times we are just thinking? Understanding most of the times by ninety per cent of our existence, limiting our own minds, and will power for finally not doing much. 

And that might be the reason why we use just that poor ten per cent, because we just do ten per cent of what we think about, just because of fear! Yes, got it! It's our monsters feeding and living on our ninety per cent left. Amount which is massive! And we just need a second to change it all. A truthful and meaningful one. 

Here is our main call to immediate action. Kill your dragons and start doing one per cent more each day. Because in the long run you will get much more use of that main muscle called brain. It’s a powerful well-known secret, which takes ages to be thought and not much to be done. 

If you liked and you have been “touched” in any way by this simple post, start using a bit per cent more, like it and share it so we together can make our difference, without so many fears and monsters. 

Stay rad, keep believing and make sure you remember life is not for granted

Ignacio Gallo Campos 

About the author 

Ignacio is about to publish the third and last book of a trilogy called “A Life in one Second”. The three books will be ready in their English versions by the end of 2016, being available in 700 different online sites. Links will be shortly updated and embedded here. 

During the three books, “The biggest Fake” and “All dogs are Labradors”, the author will make you live an emotional inner trip to your own lies, truths, and decisions which make you the person you are now, which could be quite different from the one you really want to be, for every second of the rest of your life.