Most people see failure as an end. But the right mindset is to see failure as a stepping stone. 

I want you to think of failure from a different perspective. I know it’s not easy to cope with failure. But I just want you to realise one thing - everybody fails. 

It’s not just the people at the bottom, it’s also the people at the top and the people in the middle. Everybody fails. But the only difference between winners and losers is perseverance. 

The thing that really makes you or breaks you is your mind. Therefore, having the right mindset will make it much easier for you to bounce back on your feet once you fail. 

And believe me when I tell you this, you are going to fail and you will fail a lot. That’s inevitable and you can’t show one single person who is successful but never failed. Matter of fact, the only person who has never failed is someone who has never tried anything. 

Failure is harsh because it’s humiliating. If it happens in the knowledge of others, it can be very embarrassing. But bear in mind, failure is only bad if you learn nothing from it and just give up. History remembers those who persevere and succeed. 

failure is only bad if you give up and learn nothing from it

So if you stop at one failure or the other, then you’re a loser. But if you keep going and get something out of it in the end, then all those failures will be the stepping stones that got you to success. 

So I want you to remember these few things next time you fail at something. 

First, remind yourself that everybody fails.

Second, tell yourself what you’ve learnt from it.

Third, get yourself back out there and do it better this time. 

And if you fail again, try again. 

You only lose when you give up.