Do not take failure in a negative way. It is the stepping stone to success. Failure is inevitable, but it isn't all bad. Confucius said, 

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail"

Indeed, it is out failures that make us wiser, isn't it? 

Imagine anyone you know who is successful. Have they ever failed in life? Of course they did. And they surely learnt a lesson from that very setback. It must've felt terrible for them. But have they stopped trying? The answer is clearly “No”. It is true that until and unless you fail, you cannot figure out your limits and come out with positivity and achieve victory. All the failures in my life has eventually taught me to prosper, find new ways and opportunities to succeed. 

Here are some reasons why failure is great and how it drives one towards success and prosperity. 

1. Failure provides better perspective

Failure provides us with a perspective that cannot be shown by anyone else. This not only provides prospect to re-evaluate yourself but also paves a way for you to come back with a stronger mindset. It also allows you to make more logical decisions from there on. 

2. Failure paves the way for success while providing re-direction 

This is good in the sense that you are aware of your negative sides and get the idea of where you stand and where you should not. Failure gives one the chance to succeed in life. It helps in providing re-direction with the positive approach to move ahead in life. It gives you another rejuvenating shot to try again for victory. 

3. Failure is an inspiring mechanism 

Yes, it’s true that failure can be inspiring for oneself and others too. It teaches us a lesson, guides us to move further while being humble. 

4. Failure makes you stronger 

Failure definitely helps you get stronger and teaches you to prosper and achieve success. When your efforts does not give you the fruitful results, you go deep inside in finding out the better way which makes you a stronger person. Thus, failure makes the journey of your life beautiful as you get new things to learn with every setback you make. Consider life as a race where you get victory only after defeat. You always find new ways to learn, prosper, be a better person in life, and find new ways and alternatives which might be around the corner. You just need to find this out. 

Hence, in one way or the other, failure does indeed have its silver linings.