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Gaming Talk

33 months ago · 2 min read

3 Reasons Why Playing Video Games Is Good For You

It's a big debate whether video games are good or bad for you, and surely your parents might have weighed in with the bad effects of video games and how "video games are making you blind.." and whatsoever. But here are 3 legit reasons why video games are actually good for you! And yes, other than the fact that video games provide entertainment, the good sides of video games does really outweigh the marginal bad effects anti-game people claim to be true...

Gaming Talk

34 months ago · 2 min read

The Universe is Infinite in No Man's Sky

How far have we reached with video games? And how far can we go? The expectations are high and the possibilities are higher. Not long ago, we were playing 2D games; today, we have games that have an infinite computer generated universe that you can play forever. Introducing No Man's Sky, every video game explorer's dream come true...

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